Survey: MOOC Students Are Elite, Young and Male

Based on the previous blog post, I searched more about online courses and MOOCs. I found a survey which is done by UPenn and based on this survey, MOOCs users are mostly come from wealthier families. In fact, this survey shows that MOOCs cannot get to its goal which was about spreading knowledge for all people. this survey is based on the bout 35000 students who participated in Coursera. The researcher found that most of these students have college degrees and come from a wealthier families and participated in online courses to improve themselves in their future careers. This trend is much worse in developing countries. In countries such as India, Russia, Brazil and so on, almost 80% of MOOCs students come from the top 6% of society. this survey shows that this method is far from its goal. people from disadvantaged part of society still do not have access to free education via MOOCs. Some hardware facilities like the ADSL Internet and computer are main problem for poorer people. In addition people who want to attend in online classes in Coursera for instance, need to have some college educations which are not attainable for most of disadvantaged people of poor countries. Ezekiel J. Emanuel said “Far from realizing the high ideals of their advocates, MOOCs seem to be reinforcing the advantages of the ‘haves’ rather than educating the ‘have-nots.’ .”


But we should contemplate that this project is in its early stage and all of its major providers emphasize that we will find a way to “figure out how to use technology to improve educational outcomes, particularly for the most needy students.”

I hope this dream comes to truth as soon as possible!

if you are interested in reading of whole report of this survey, please click here

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