Faculty Statement

In my opinion “Being a Faculty member” means compilation of duties and contribution values to the place I have served. To me being a faculty member means to think about more about ethics and justice and tries to spread these values to my society. The duties which are important for me as a faculty members, are Teaching, Research, Engagement in the Academia and Learning. As a faculty member both teaching and learning are essential for me. I want to build my teaching philosophy such that a mutual learning atmosphere happen in my class. To gain this goal, emphasizing on learning is very vital. If I don’t pay attention to learning in my philosophical point of view towards being faculty member, then “Mutual Learning” cannot be happened.
Teaching: For me “Teaching” is one of the important task that a faculty member should do. Being a teacher is something routine in the academe but it is important to be a “good” teacher. To me, being a good teacher means providing a mutual respectful situation in class for learning, critical thinking. Providing a mutual respectful atmosphere is a very vital task that should be done mainly by a teacher rather than students. It is important for a good teacher to apply “morality” and “ethical issues” in the class, office hours, mentoring and advising and so on. Having a good and moral behavior both inside and outside of the class provides senses of “trust” and “respect” among students and If students trust to their teacher, they can firstly learn better and secondly they can respect to the whole educational structure. As a result “mutual respect” will be borne.
Mentoring, Advising, doing Research: The second important task that a faculty member should do in academe is mentoring and advising graduate students in their research. In addition, I think I should find out motivated undergraduate students and encourage them for starting research. To me, mentoring or advising does not summarize for graduate students. Mentoring mainly starts in class while I teach. Again “ethics” plays a crucial role in this task. As a faculty I should pay attention more than any other persons to research misconduct, plagiarism, falsification and so on. If I pay attention to these issues, then “academic ethical values” pass to my students and they will learn the essence of “ethics”.
Engagement in the Academia, Service: In addition to all aforesaid tasks, I imagine an ideal faculty member as a person who sever his/her university passionately. Each faculty member in my opinion should engage in several tasks other than teaching and research. These tasks can be from helping student clubs to administrative issues.

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