Ethical Principles at VT

As an investigation for ethic in academia, I tried to find ethical statement or codes of my academic place, VT. I search in the google and VT website and I could not find the exact statement related to ethics just for instance we found for mission statement . However I find a webpage from VT website that is related to ethical behavior. this is the most compatible with the subject I search for. In this statement, different principles for different members of VT has been defined. Someone can investigate the ethical behavior of faculty members, students, University and so on.
As a student of Virginia Tech it is interesting for me to find out the principle statement and ethical behavior I should do. For students, They emphasized on free pursuit of learning. The mission said: “We value and promote differences among students and respect students as individuals and serve as their intellectual guides and counselors. We make every reasonable effort to foster honest academic conduct and to assure that our evaluations of students reflect each student’s true merit.We respect the confidential nature of the relationship between professors and students.” On the other hand, the mission avoid student to have romantic or sexual relationship with “students whom we are in a position to evaluate by virtue of our teaching, research, or administrative responsibilities.” This rule is just for avoiding conflict of interests.

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