Day 22- June 6th

We said our goodbyes this morning as the group splintered in several different directions.  Most of the group headed directly to Zurich where nine out of fourteen of us will fly out tomorrow. Five members are planning some additional traveling before returning home.  I did not head directly to Zurich. Instead, Cat, Kevin, Kelsey, David and I took the train to Lugano and stored our bags in lockers. We then had lunch in the park and headed to the marina with a coffee stop along the way.  We then rented a sailboat. David had made a reservation the last time we were in Lugano. Although our communication in Italian was pretty poor we negotiated the launching of the six man sailboat into the lake. It was a beautiful day and we all took turns participating in the sailing process.  What a way to end the trip. Kevin and Kelsey were catching a 4:30 train so we brought the boat back at 3:30 and negotiated the removal of the sailboat from the water and storing it back in the marina with limited Italian. It was a bit of a race to the train station but we made it, while coming up with enough loose change to ride the funicular to the top.  The Zurich train was delayed which worked out perfectly for Cat, David and I. Although I was exhausted I could not keep my eyes closed as I wanted to take in the Switzerland landscape one more time.  We walked to the hostel where I am finishing this blog. Zurich is alive with action and people as the weather has finally turned here. I am glad to have some quiet time although I can hear the busy streets below.  It has been an honor and a  priviledge to come on this trip. From the time beforehand with my husband, to all I have learned, and to the wonderful friendships I have made. I am anxious to get home to my boys and I am ready too call it a night.

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