Odili Donald Odita’s artwork brightened the spaces in the Miles C. Horton Jr. Gallery during the Evolving Geometries: Line, Form, and Color exhibition, which closed late last month. His paintings, so full of color, so vibrant and energetic, were a complete pleasure to have here in the Moss Arts Center.

But luckily, we don’t have to give up ALL of his work.

Odita’s expansive mural, Bridge, is in the Grand Lobby of the center, and will remain up for at least a year. It was such a treat to watch as the mural came together, bit by bit, day after day for nearly a month.

Check out this video and hear Odita discuss his inspiration for the video: our beautiful building!

You can see Bridge for yourself whenever the Moss Arts Center is open. For details on building hours and closings, please see our calendar.