Our next visual art exhibition is Young Artists, a collection of works celebrating the art of middle and high school students throughout Montgomery County. The opening reception is scheduled for Thursday, May 22, 6-8 p.m. We’d love for you to join us!

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Gallery graduate assistant Meggin Hicklin shares a little more of what Young Artists is all about:

“The mission of Young Artists is to celebrate the creativity and talent of children and teens in our community. By featuring their work in the Moss Arts Center, we hope to encourage students to see the value of their own work, both as a finished product and as a process. Whether they go on to a career in art is not really that important–although we hope to have a positive influence on that as well. What matters most is that artists of all ages acknowledge and nurture their own creativity as a valuable part of the human experience.

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“Young Artists is also an opportunity for aspiring curators and exhibition designers working at the center to hone their skills. Meggin Hicklin and Mary Kate Claytor, graduate assistants under the guidance of curator Margo Crutchfield, coordinated both Young Artists shows in the 2013-2014 season. While all exhibitions at the Moss Arts Center provide training and education for the gallery staff and graduate assistants, Young Artists is an opportunity for them to ‘fly solo.’

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“The same attention and care is given to the installation of Young Artists as any other show with regard to handling, layout, and design. This work is important and this show is important, as is its message to the community: the Center for the Arts is a place where all art is celebrated, as a creative process, an educational tool, and a means by which to connect with others.”