what is a meal?

Hey over there,

What is a meal?

A meal is next to a lake. It’s a brat with beer on a man-made island. It’s a quickly eaten doner kebap before meeting with others. It’s a vitamin orange drink with yogurt under an awning in a garden. It’s a melted cheese fondue potato. It’s a glass of wine with asparagus soup in an old kitchen. It’s a mixed salad with wienerschnitzel while drawing over a sketch in a dinner placemat. It’s a stroll in the plaza. It’s a cream sauce with chicken. It’s a chocolate bar underneath the stairs in the train station. Its a barley soup and meat skewer in the new addition. It’s consistently with chocolate granola and yogurt in the quiet morning light. It’s a banana on top of a cup of milk.

It’s a view above the city of Bellinzona at Grotto Castelgrande with four courses.

It’s an excellent conversation about architecture with Lucy Ferrari over lemoncello. It’s a grateful sit-down after a long day back at the villa.

A meal is culture. A meal is time to enjoy. A meal is time to reflect. A meal is a great many things.


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