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The whole concept of debriefing is interesting to me. The round-table discussion of how we review the experience and then compare and contrast different viewpoints in very valuable. This process extends the discussion on topics that are interesting and meaningful to the group, while also influencing individual interpretations of campus visits and inter-personal relations and language.

It once again ties into the global perspective angle of the whole program and asks that we, as students, and later future educators, begin to understand viewpoints and then be able to see how we can either clam up and refuse a different mode of thinking or choose to be receptive to the values of many disciplines.

This topic is most apparent in the divide that has continued between the sciences and arts. This divide is perpetuated by both groups and ultimately places the arts as secondary to the sciences, viewed as an immeasurable topic in a sea of quantitative methodology.

As with many things there is simply a set of jargon and technical skill that goes into design and art and this should not be ridiculed for remaining much more fluid in approach, however the arts also need to be very weary of being increasingly elitist when approaching other disciplines as mysticism and the mystery attached to the arts does not help others understand our abilities or merit.

It is interesting to see the microcosm the group is when it comes to representing many issues that face higher education in the present and future.


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