Hey over there,

There are not a lot of things that totally blow you away in life. There are a number of days that sit in my mind as some of the best days of my life. I can say though that this day was easily one of the top 10 best experiences.

There are some things that you have to sit back on and understand that you had the experience of a lifetime. Let’s set the stage.

You are sitting on a stone carved table, overlooking Bellinzona and can see two other castles in the mountain-scape. The food and drink is fabulous and the service is beyond professional and uniquely personal to the environment. The shadows of vines are dancing on the castle behind you and the light breeze is soothing, lightly over the space. The space is a series of stimuli etched into your mind. The mixes of the smells of rabbit, fish and beef. The smiles and laughter of those around you. The meal is simultaneously carried not only be the food which you personally cannot afford for a decade to come, and the company is now friends you could stay in touch with in the future.

It is the speed of the moment, the excitement of a single event that passing time becomes  the experience for an eternity, mulled over by the mind to learn more, to understand and to reminisce into the future. The moment is now part of a continuum that is your personal story. Forward thinking, but self-reflective in the past. That life could be perhaps lived in a series of events without regret.

I was talking to another student during the meal and this mindset brought something forward that I had not connected but now realize is how I might actually choose to live for the future. Life is perhaps best lived for me as being prepared for opportunity when they come, utilizing my skills to make the most of the moment, and then moving forward, that if something was left on the table it is a learning experience to not repeat mistakes in the future. It is better to have tried and failed that to safely remain in the background, without drive and purpose. Safety and comfort and not one in the same.

You can remain safe and outside of your comfort zone while trying to engage your own future.

I am grateful that this trip continues to give more and more opportunities to experience truly unique circumstances that brought me here. It all started with an simple question: Hey, why not take that class on contemporary pedagogy since you might want to teach?

Why?… well why not.



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