sitting in villa moderni

Hey over there,

I did not ever see myself getting to sit in the Villa Moderni in Riva. I simply could not responsibly afford to attend neither the Europe Travel nor the residency in Riva program. So I labeled it a high improbability.

But you never know what is going to happen.

When I learned that the GPP programs was going to be in Riva for the second half of the trip, I was stunned. Yes, the program was largely in Switzerland, but I believed that most of the time we would be traveling. Turns out our base of operations would be the villa.

I am glad that I have had the opportunity to see the new addition, the renovated spaces and the outdoor gardens. Once again I was able to experience something that would have been quite difficult to do alone.

Gardens fascinate me so I took some time to be in the gardens near the new entrance to the villa [the old side entrance].

It is very peaceful in the gardens, aside from a very loud Vespa every so often. The double row of hedges guides you to a smaller storage structure and walking back a picnic bench allows you an opportunity to rest under a trellis structure. Honestly, I was not expecting palm trees in Ticino.

But then again you never know what you might find.

The trees cast thankful shadows along the ground during the day. At night the glow from different light cascades into the small oasis of softly chirping birds and insects. As you walk the pea-gravel crunches to you movement underfoot.

A Baa of a sheep carries into the twilight.

You never know to what places you will go and what will happen when you get there.


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