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Hey over there,

So I had a series of learning objectives that were rather simple. Essentially they boil down to look, listen, and learn.

Look and absorb what is around you. Listen to what others have to say before opening your own mouth. Learn from the experiences you now have encountered. These three things are combined and then internalized into new knowledge and understanding to formulate new questions for the future.

This method of learning has served me well, materializing into a mountain of notes on a myriad of topics associated to the Swiss educational system and a few ideas about education.

For my actual research topic, which as essentially social media in Swiss higher education, things had to adapt to the different conversations and was more a photographic study of implementing social media in public forums and online university resources.

At a glance, it appears that universities are not using social media as universally as higher education in the United States, that being said, links are often provided as full urls on posters and QR codes which leads to a more website-based method of conveying information.

Social Media sites that have been used are facebook, twitter, Google+, Youtube, Linked-In and Xing. (Xing is a professional network for German-speaking countries). Of all of the universities so far PolyMi was the most active on disseminating information similarly to a university in the United States.

I have come to understand that social media is a very vision-oriented method of communication. In later reviews of my research topic much if it will be looking graphically about how social media is handled on pamphlets and posters in these institutions.


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