a tiny balcony

Hey over there,

I took some time to sit on a tiny balcony attached to our room at Hotel St. Josef in Zurich. Its small iron bars, its concrete pad, its aluminum chair, its atmosphere, was not only what defined the experience though.

The balcony was not the only space, hidden from view and isolated. It extended beyond its own site starting to interact with and allowing me to interact with the city.

It is not the space itself that creates a wonderful space, but also how we interact with it. There was a path, a singular method to getting on the balcony: moving up the stairs, into our room at the end of a common space, releasing the noise and action of the city by opening the window and stepping through, then finally sitting down and relaxing, you enter the space.

People walking by, cars moving quickly by, the sun peeking in and out of light rain, bells chiming in the distance.

These small balconies are all over the city. Some are smaller, others planted, some new, other old, some panned and other additions, some quiet and other loud. The balcony is such an interesting and enjoyable space. The experience of which I will not easily forget after Zurich.


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