first impressions of switzerland: zurich

Hey over there,

The first stop on the 2015 Tour was Zurich. It was fun to see place that I had been to before back in 2011 on the larger Europe travel trip with the Honors Scholarship Program.

We went the first day [23 MAY] to the Bratwurst place that we had traveled to before. It was very similar to how it was when we went those few year prior.

This may change over time, but it was great to see how a place can also remain the same as well. Although our view of the lake was restricted by roadway improvements, I could still remember the view of the lake.

You can see how a city such as Zurich keeps itself alive by its people and its demeanor. Buildings are not the only thing that makes the character of a place.

Switzerland, especially the northern, Germanic portion is very clean. Even in the construction zone things were kept tidy and while plywood was painted with graffiti, they were actually very good images. By painting temporary structures for construction it actually make the plywood more interesting without damaging the permanent image of the city.

There is a pride in their conduct. This control, promptness, order and wealth creates a fast-paced but clean and somewhat blunt society. It is simply so different to see and be in such a trusting and safe place. You could not leave nice bikes and have an over-sized community park chess set and expect this things to remain intact.

This sense of community and societal good is interesting and I hope to learn more about this country educates such citizens.


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