flying in a composite tube

Hey over there.

I have often found that flying is both a worrying and exciting endeavor. You fly through the air using essentially controlled falling, propelled forward by accelerated explosions, in side a pressurized composite tube.

Its like saying cars are powered by liquid dinosaurs (stole that joke).

We have an opportunity to learn and explore. Now we are insulated by a group of like-mined students, but we have the opportunity to learn from not only the experience but from each other. I believe that to take full advantage of the opportunity we must be able to not only engage ourselves with the material, but also with our peers.

This plane is the beginning of the trip, the culmination of a semester of time reflecting on intentions and questions and the beginning of a period of international study. When we engage our hosts we must come prepared with pointed questions that will be discussion and thought provoking. We cannot afford to simply agree with any message that is given to us.

This does not mean being indignant or purposefully confrontational. What this means is that we should not be placid in the discussions. That both our and their time is valuable and that both sides have something to benefit from the combined experience. I feel that information combined with specific experiences, creates new knowledge or understanding.

So when we step off of the plane in Zurich, it is important to not only understand our position in the world, but the position of others in the world that surrounds our existence. In this method, we are not necessarily the center of observation, but that we understand our place within the world.

This understanding will give us the ability to utilize the opportunity given to us, and then return and share this new understanding with others so that we may grow together. This sense of shared or combined experience is critical to the model that the Global Perspectives Program hope to achieve.


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