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Hey so it’s Ken here!

Just one thing before we start up in the next couple of weeks with connected courses. So the connect courses has a mindset that I believe will be critical to the overall success of what we, at Virginia Tech, and all of us in the connected courses, hope to achieve.

They have started to set up a mindset for dialogue. As with some of the teaching and future professoriate classes have sought to teach us, everyone, students and teacher alike, should be engaged in a common set of dialogue. This does not mean that we all need to agree on everything and have a single-track mind, but that we can discuss in a civil manner the merits of many ideas.

Connect courses has set up guidelines for dialogue that will serve us well:

I suspect that many, if not all of us are perfectly fine, but in the heat of the moment we might get worked up and lash out. This does not mean that mischief is forbidden, but do it in good faith. The dichotomy is summed up very well here:

These concepts will help use to commit to the idea that we have here of reaching out and learning with each other. We have an amazing opportunity to use the experiences of others to help us and then in turn be able to learn with them.

The last one on the list is “sharing is caring”. I remember hearing this from my parents when I was quite young and it has served me well. Specifically with this idea is that we have so much more to gain from bouncing earnest ideas off of each other, molding and melding our collective potential. This brings up something that has followed me in my life and might help everyone as well.

We should look, listen, and learn.

Sometime we are so busy thinking about how we are going to respond to someone who is talking that we forget to actually listen and look at them, and take in what their message is and analyze it. If we truly listen to each other we will have the opportunity to mix ideas and have the boundaries of our knowledge overlap, and perhaps create new potential, as well as exciting new concepts. This is the “mischief” I will subscribe to: taking older styles of teaching and passive learning and engaging them for a different future.


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