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This week in class we talked alot about Open Access and how it effects publishing academic journals and articles, and how this ties into authorship. We talked about who gets what kind of authorship, in what order and why depending on your discipline. We talked about how we as academics use published material as a means to prove our worth to others when applying for jobs in our respective fields.

Since there is not alot of funded research in architecture, authorship tends to be determined by the amount of involvement. Also, much of the work is individually based in studios, so not much is terms scientific journals would accept.

In terms of determining the order of authorship, Architecture is a mix of the examples given in class (at least in building science). I do scientific research about vegetated roofs and stormwater runoff modeling with one of my advisors. It is her work, I run data and write data regressions, among other things, but we worked together on the paper. At the beginning she asked me if being a second author was fine. I said yes. That was all it took. This is actually work not directly related to my dissertation. I worked with her one this to learn more about the topic that is similar, but not directly used in my future research regarding vegetated facades.

Another form of research I am working on is related to false color or value rendering. With one of my other advisors we study how the color of an image does not need to be true to life (for example people could be a vibrant purple) but the amount of shading and relative values of the color could be correct and your eyes read the image. This work is directly related to my dissertation, but will be shown as an exhibition, not a journal article most likely. In this exhibition my work will be along side that of my professor.

I enjoy that architecture has the means to do both scientific and artistic methods of reviewing and presenting work to others. This flexibility allows for designers to convey their work using the best means available.





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