International Education


I started to look around at the different websites about higher education. It is very interesting to see how similar topics can create a variety of different information sources.

The Global Edition of the University World News, presents the status of higher education in the form of news articles and current events. The European University Association is more specific to Europe, but it is geared more towards the discussion and information exchange in regards to higher education. Finally, the BC Center for International Higher Education show a particular take on higher education by Boston College. It is very interesting to see the different scales that each website engages in. Stating from a world view, to a view of a specific college outwards to the world.

Going off of the concept of phenomenology, and how everyone brings a certain set of previous experiences to a given situation or interaction, I remember the different schools that were present when I lived in Spain.

There was a Department of Defense school on base that I attended, but we visited other local schools off-base for sport events, I remember how different the atmosphere and people were, even though the purpose of educating students was similar. Culture drastically changed the method of instruction.┬áIt was different enough that one of the classes we had in school was called “Host Nation”. This class was designed to inform American students how to conduct themselves and to explore and learn the history and culture of the nation in which you lived, in this instance Spain.

This concept of learning the culture of a place will be very helpful when we start to talk about specific experiences in class when exploring international education. Things that we take for granted when being citizens suddenly become apparent hurdles when outside of the country and in an academic institution.


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