where you come from

We have talked about a couple topics that lead us to ask “where we come from”. This is not a existential question, it is asking, when we interact with a situation, what is our filter, our lens, that informs our course of action.

Everyone has a different set of experiences that leads them to be the person that they have become, are, and will become. Dovetailing off of the last post about our reputation, there is a combination of not only what we want to become (desires, goals), what others see us becoming (reputation) , and what we came from (experiences).  These three things show us how people make the decisions that inform their own lives.

Remember that we, are not statistics in a system, but that if we put in the time and effort, we have the opportunity to become an expert in or own spheres of influence. We struggle, but it is the goal of what we wish to become that drives most of us to continue. By pursuing our goals of what we wish to become, we slowly alter our impressions of that which is within. And as we change our own inward image, we see the outward image we project to others will change as well.

So, when we consider the history of the university, the history of the profession, and our own history, we can see where we can fit in, and how our experiences have changed us. For example, at the beginning of my undergraduate studies I had never drawn before – I chose architecture – and after five years, I can no longer imagine explaining something without images.

So when we start to hear the stories of others, we have the opportunity to see an entire lifetime of choices, actions, and learning infused into a person. These are lessons that can not only inform our own path, but can be transferred to others as we continue to teach, or practice our profession in the future.


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