Faculty Aspirations

We all aspire to be something when we get older, when we “grow up”. The question is what is our end goal? For me personally its not as lofty as others, but a goal is a target, something to achieve.

All of the discussion we had last class made me realize that “becoming a professor” was just a little to vague to be an adequate goal. There are so many different kinds of employment in academe, that I had not known existed. The list is extensive between all of the part-time, full time, tenure and non-tenure positions. Then there are administrative positions as well.

So, what would I like to do? What do I want to do when I grow up? I feel that if you are going to do a career for a lifetime, then it needs to be something that you enjoy, not a task or a job. Otherwise that days are going to be long.

I have found that  I enjoy helping others understand things they are passionate about. I enjoy teaching and learning with students. I enjoy watching students find the topics that inspire them and then apply or internalize them, defining their own professional views. I enjoy the fact that everyone approaches architecture differently. If you believe that you know everything about a subject, then not only are you mistaken, but closed off the learning potential. It is this potential that drives the learning process.

I feel that this can be achieved as an associate professor. I am comfortable saying that I would like to have tenure, some security in a position and then spend my days in the classroom helping those who will be our future. My professors have been helping me to become a stronger academic, and I would like to give that opportunity to others, wherever that may be.

I feel that, as a designer, if I have more constraints or parameters I can provide a better tailored, better defined product or performance. While this is only the beginning, I know I will at least enjoy the process of getting there (associate professor). This fits into how I design: that architecture is a process of making, to define a design.


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