I missed this last week’s class while attending the CitiesAlive! Conference in San Francisco from Tuesday to Saturday. This conference was centered on green roofs and walls. I ended up going to a variety of very helpful and information seminars and was able to a present a poster during the trade show on Thursday.

The poster presentation was very interesting as I was able to talk to a number of very knowledgeable people about green roofs and the research I was working on. The opportunity to learn from the experience of others is always wonderful. From this conference, I understand that it will be important to continue research in this topic and continue and make green roofs even more common and accepted.

Returning to the topical seminar presentations, I found the rendering and future project representation of green roof/wall projects series to be quite helpful. As a part of my research, a portion will be to understand and represent certain natural conditions using color theory and green walls and facades. (A green wall is an installation where the growing medium runs the whole length of the installation. A green facade is where vines or runners make a surface along a type of scaffold, while the medium does not fun the length of the installation.)

Specifically, I was shown different types of programs and methods that professionals use to model green roofs currently. From this knowledge base, I can tailor my work to using programs that design professionals will be more likely to use, therefore making the information and project content more viable/useful.

Another series I attended was the about urban agriculture. Urban agriculture is different from a green roof and more heavily used. One particular presentation was on a company that uses rooftop hydroponics to grow vegetables in a large greenhouse. The most interesting part is that the entire farm is in the city, on a roof, and then they sell some of the produce at lower rates to the tenants who live below.

Overall the conference was very interesting and a wonderful opportunity.

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