Idealized Situations

Somewhere Else, 2027

So you were just shot for being who you are. You wake up in the hospital bed, not understanding what is going on. The nice doctors and nurses all tell you that you will be fine after all! You are really very lucky! Yes, very lucky indeed you think. I was lucky to have been shot for being me.

You get removed from the hospital later that day when you are no longer in critical care. The hospital does not like to keep you augmented people longer than they have to. You move down the sidewalk a little slower than usual because the wound still is tender. You notice that evidence of the riot still lingers.

You notice a headline that reads: “The Problem is Based in the Learning!”. You realize that you would make a great case study about how others still do not accept diversity in the workforce or even society. You still feel the stares and hear the scoffs as you walk along.

As you walk you hear an overhead monitor proclaim, “… if our students were taught to interact with other types of people in teams and get to know them we may not have these problems. They might even be better prepared for the workforce!”

You realize that these pundits need to consider how these problems will be introduced into the class and how to engage the students. Then you realize the irony that you are advocating for student agency when you have none of your own.

You just keep shuffling along down the sidewalk towards the machine shop where you work. You know you don’t make enough to take a day off and work everyday, so you need to get back for another shift. You make it to the machine shop, but find out it has been closed due to damage from the riot and you and many others are out of work. Good thing you squat on the apartment you live in and you don;t pay rent. You know the place is so downtrodden that no one wants it anyway.

You keep walking for a while since you have nothing to do. There has been an energy shortage lately and you notice only a fourth of the street lamps kick on. You look up into the sky and pause for a moment. Looking up at every single dot in the night sky, you wonder how big you really are.

You get out your personal communicator. These little devices are mandatory for all augementees. You know it is a tracking device to keep your where-abouts known. You search for the historical Hubble Telescope that still floats around the earth. You remember a friend telling you once about an image it took a very long time ago while it still worked.

You notice the link pops up: You clicked on the link appeared on the screen.

You watch the video and realize that your world is smaller than you think it is. You also know just how vast your unknown knowledge has become. You walk down the road and take a turn to the right continuing your night stroll.

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  1. parisa says:

    I really enjoyed watching the video and reading your post. Sometimes when I am disappointed with something, I do imagine myself as a tiny creature who has made a huge deal out of that. Usually when I think of how small and almost nothing I am in the universe, I feel calmer! And I feel like even a small change that I can make in the world around me, or even in myself, means a lot!

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