@archyken: Loud + Proud with Pallets

I like pallets. I have a pallet of pallets. How do I use my pallet of pallets?


Pallet Pictures 4 (Day of Competition) 054


Reshape, Inform, Inspire:

This project was a competition from the Town of Blacksburg in which the prompt was to reuse pallets in a creative or original way. The result of this project, a deck and planter system, began a line of work involving pallets and structural systems.

The staining then gives the pallet a new aesthetic character in addition to practical protection from the elements. Finally, each renewed pallet is placed into a system which relates one to the other. This system then becomes an environment in which new growth arises.

The footing became an exploration rather than just a problem to be solved. We wanted to integrate another element into the project, in addition to the pallets, that originated from a reclaimed material.

The system reshapes the function and identity of the pallet, becoming more than landfill waste. The reshaped pallet informs the user of the possibilities by demonstrating a particular method of pallet reuse.

This project then allowed me to move into move structural designs and make a temporary bus stop with some fellow students as feature here:


[thanks for listening]

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2 Responses to @archyken: Loud + Proud with Pallets

  1. karengray says:

    I love the texture and look of the planter and the bus stop. It also reminds me of the design of small places, like the parking space parks in San Francisco.

  2. kenblack2013 says:

    Sorry it took longer to reply, but:

    Yes, I have been influenced by this type of guerrilla architecture or urbanism. Temporary installations can give a set of possibilities for a space, and quite often circumvent municipal codes. (thus guerrilla) These smaller spaces and projects are defined by the user’s interaction rather than the grand or starchitect nature that much famous architecture gains recognition for.

    Our design should be about how we can give something to others while pursuing the design we love. If you get recognized for it, all the better.

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