An Uncomfortable Safety Dance

We have the opportunity to be alert while learning, but this is not always the case. We need to look at learning from a “what things work and what things do not work” for each learner. By critically thinking about a topic we can learn and retain concepts. Teach students enough to then later be able to themselves.

But remember that critically thinking about something does not always  need to be serious. Be lighthearted about it. Just make sure you have your own safety dance.

Looking at the video, we need to ask the right questions, and watch for the framing of question in reference to the knowledge machine. Think about what this person was able to do. They knew the song which was Safety Dance by Men Without Hats. He knew the ridiculous motion that the character goes through to switch weapons. He recorded some footage of the gameplay, and then mashed it together for youtube.

The whole world can now see his funny video. Think about it. An idea is now there to be seen and heard by everyone. That is the power of a knowledge machine – for access to knowledge. ┬áThis may not be what you are interested in, but it provides an interactive and connected learning environment.

[thanks for listening]

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