Live Forever

here is more of the story:

Many saw this as a blessing and took the vaccine immediately. I was one of the masses. After being terrorized by the infected for years, I wasted no time getting a dose of the miracle cure. It was hard to get to the one of the distribution sites. I had heard over the radio that it was to be dropped in by helicopter in the hopes that those still alive would fine the vaccine and take it. The military and government were still there, just very restricted, limping along with the infected trailing close behind.

I happened to be listening that day and a chopper flew by the field I happened to be standing in. A box was dropped and I took the dose. Instructions were included with vaccine to make my way to a small city in West Virginia called Mount Hope. It was interesting as I had lived in the tiny town many years ago, but had since moved away. Thus I began my trek from Blacksburg in Virginia to Mount Hope.

This is my story of traveling to Mount Hope and learning how to cope with immortality. I would continue live.

Live forever. 


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