RCI Convention

So this will be the last post about things not regarding my story.

Over the break I participated in a professional roofing conference  I was on a scholarship to visit the conference, funded by the RCI Foundation. The educational events were interesting, and the social events were fun to get to know other people.

Aside from these events, there is a trade show that occurs during two of the days and you can walk around and see all of the things and products that companies have to offer. Aside from learning alot, I was able to see many of the materials and components that we see in drawings in real life as samples or mock-ups.

The most important thing that I learned was the that moisture is the enemy in a building. Makes sense, but hey sometimes research is needed to remind others why we have done things a certain way and how not to re-invent the wheel when unnecessary.

I hope to go again next year.


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