ORNL Visit

So over the break I visited Oak Ridge National Laboratories. It was interesting to visit again and talk with someone about WUFI which is a modeling software for moisture and heat transfer through building envelopes.

While I do not understand most of the coding that comprises the program, I do have observational knowledge of wall assemblies in practice, this, combined with my experience from studying green roof and typical wall assemblies allows me to understand the function of the program and its implications in terms of simulation.

By simulating the path and volume of moisture, wall assemblies can be rated and inspected for condensation within the assembly. For example if the condensation point is within the insulation, then mold growth can occur, which is not desirable.

As of now I have been offered a position there over the summer and I have accepted it, however I still need to wiat for paperwork to be completed and funding to be made available.

We shall see.


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