Living Forever

Here is the most recent copy of the story with the continuation of the plot.


The time between dying and the dead person’s re-animation varied widely, resulting in many attacks within families. You know, a family member would die, the family would begin to mourn and then the relative would come back to life, then attacking the other members of the family. As the virus spread, its origins were lost in the mayhem. In then end only a cure was desired, its origin did not matter. Only the end of the madness could be conceived. The virus spread rapidly even though it could only be transmitted by contact or consumption. I still do not know how it started, but it came quickly, burned through a majority of the world’s population, and then flickered out with the advent of the vaccine.

Yes, I have been vaccinated, but sometimes I wonder if I should have chosen not to do so. How could the researchers desperate for a miracle and when they found it, have known it would have such a drastic side effect? Sure the plague the LD001 had caused was eliminated, but engineering such a cure gave the complete opposite effect. Instead of becoming infected, dying, reanimating and living again only to die shortly after, the vaccine made the uninfected immortal.

People would never die from old age. Granted one could still be killed, but never from a degradation of the human body over time. The savior from becoming one of the undead was to live forever from the vaccine.

Many saw this as a blessing and took the vaccine immediately. I was one of the masses. After being terrorized by the infected for years, I wasted no time getting a dose of the miracle cure. It was hard to get to the one of the distribution sites. I had heard over the radio that it was to be dropped in by helicopter in the hopes that those still alive would fine the vaccine and take it. The military and government were still there, just very restricted, limping along with the infected trailing close behind.

I happened to be listening that day and a chopper flew by the field I happened to be standing in. A box was dropped and I took the dose. Instructions were included with vaccine to make my way to a small city in West Virginia called Mount Hope. It was interesting as I had lived in the tiny town many years ago, but had since moved away. Thus I began my trek from Blacksburg in Virginia to Mount Hope.

This is my story of traveling to Mount Hope and learning how to cope with immortality. I would find friends, make enemies and live.

Live forever. 



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