What is a Dystopia?

Dystopias are the scenario which should give us, as a society, the most worry. But why should such scenarios cause any worry at all? They are the future anyhow. The reason such scenarios are causing the jitters is that the people contained in them do not understand that the dystopia exists. The society or spirit of the times, known as zietgeist, is complacent, accepted. Often this sense of complacency yields the problem and the solution simultaneously.

Ayn Rand, who wrote the book Anthem, shows us a scenario in which the society complacently accepts the current situation without heeding the past. A single “curious” individual begins to erode the fabric of the system by slowly discovering concealed knowledge and escapes to the larger world, only to discover the remnants of his own history.

The author was crazy, but the story was interesting.

Be on the lookout for a story involving the suppression of information and the complacent acceptance of current societal norms as my written piece for the semester.


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