Next in the Series

Hey all,

I will be leading a colloquium magnum again. This next colloquium in the series will be titled: Beyond the Apocalypse. Over the course of the semester will be look into many things.

The human race has always created and feared the end of time, from the days of pre-historic polytheism, running through the ages. What is it that captivates us so about the absence of existence? While the absence of humanity and end of humanity has once again passed in December, what do we do now? There is no correct answer, but many are uncertain of the future, or choose to imagine an eventual Utopia. From this utopian ideal, comes another form or future, a dystopia. These futures can become a dystopia for a variety of reasons, but we will strive to understand and then create our own dystopias, based upon previous experience.

Yes, we will use the past to inform our future. We will also then begin to write our own futures and share the stories, talk about how and why the stories captivate us, and apply the result back to our own experiences.


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