Moment of Warmth 2

A Moment of Warmth

And in that moment I felt its warmth.

I went back out into the larger space, and saw the beds, constructed out of pallets as well, followed the module that had been set forth by the bays above.

This guy really liked his pallets. A pallet of pallets….

The space, though regulated, felt dynamic. I wanted to move through the space and see more. As I moved from the bank of windows, I realized how close the ceiling of pallets had become, the articulated beams now extending past the pallets lower into the space, giving the recessed pallets a frame.

I rounded the edge of brick volume and saw a small fireplace in the middle of the cabin. I could imagine a fire in that place. The fireplace became a central place of warmth in the heart of the cabin in which people could gather together.

A small hallway had been hidden behind the brick volume. As I peered in, a different light came from above, showcasing wooden shelves and storage. The light fell further, onto the polished concrete in the small space, reflecting back. The storage, necessary, but mundane thing was also celebrated in light.

“A place for everything and everything in its place,” I murmured as I slid my hand across the top shelf.

After encountering the polished floor in the storage space, I became aware that the spine of the cabin had been polished concrete also, reflecting light up, further into the space, further absorbing its warmth. The cabin was surprisingly warm, even without any heating by simply accepting light into the space.

Passively warm, inviting, a celebration of the mundane in a sea of light.

I was reluctant to leave the cabin, but I was here to do a task. What I knew though was that if I had to stay here long, this cabin would always be ready to accept me after a long hard day elsewhere.

Always ready, always willing. I closed the door behind me and hustled back over to the group.

“Where were you?” the professor asked.

“Just looking at the cabin,” I explained pointing back out into the snow, the cabin obscured by distance. The cabin had become a place of shelter in a somewhat inhospitable landscape.

“I think I will come back next week…” I said, turning towards the path towards the next adventure.

Then we heard the shuffles, then the low moans.



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