Architecture Apocalypse 2

The story doesn’t end there though.

Who could have known that the ooze would be so smelly? I sidestepped the car, and looked around for anyone. Once again cars were tipped over, some on fire, smoldering in the distance. It was interesting that while most of the car were destroyed, a lot of the surrounding buildings were fine. It wouldn’t stay that way for long though. I kept moving. Always moving to somewhere. I still had not found anyone in the vicinity. Where could they have all gone?

I stopped briefly inside a seven-eleven just outside of downtown and took stock of what I had: boots, socks, shorts, jacket, shirt, and knife. It was going to be a rough night without food or warmth. I ate my fill at the store and then moved down the street to main street. It was in absolute ruins. The buildings were cut away, the road split open and trash and debris everywhere. On the plus side I had found pants from who knows where. They were blue jeans, those per-faded ones that cost more and are already falling apart.

I continued down main street to the Kroger near First and Main. The lights were on in Kroger. Maybe someone was inside the building, but at the same time it could be a trap. Time to go find out!

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