Raised Planters

Residence: Raised Garden

The unaltered pallet is a modular element which can be improved and placed into the overall system. Each renewed pallet is placed into a system which relates one to the other. This system then becomes an environment in which new growth arises.

The footer became an exploration rather than just a problem to be solved. The integration of another element into the project, in addition to the pallets, that originated from a reclaimed material. The plastic flower pot became a mold which leaves its imprint on the concrete. The plastic, after the concrete has been removed, will ultimately become the liner for the low planters. This demonstrates the versatility of a material to be used in multiple forms.

The system reshapes the function and identity of the pallet, becoming more than landfill waste. The reshaped pallet informs the user of the possibilities by demonstrating a particular method of pallet reuse. This then reshapes the user’s notion of the pallet’s potential, bringing innovative reuse to the forefront.

The raised gardens will allow for aging residents to enjoy gardening, but without the danger of stooping to reach the beds. Since the system is a module, the raised gardens can be repeated as desired for a large or small garden. The module also allows for pieces of the systems to be replaced as necessary without the need to replace the entire structure.


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