New Semester!

Hi all,

So this is the begining of a new semester and the continuation of all of my blog posts. This semester I will be focusing mainly on one subject, with some fun interjections as I find them.

This semester I am co-leading the Head Start Playground Colloquium. This colloquium will mainly be focused on the design work associated with the preliminary design phase of playgrounds for Head Start.

At the moment the design work is a little slow-going as we had our first meeting today. The group seemed to take the idea well and should work together nicely. A good way to describe the current phase of work is Research and site documentation. The group needs to collect information on playgrounds and the little clients [3-5 year olds]. A design is very weak if it does not pertain to the target group.

At the end of the semester the group is hoping to have a final book as a celebration of the work put forth to Head Start.


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