Dividing Your Life

Sorry this is my first post for a while,

The year has been going by rather quickly. This week I realized we are on week 11! can you believe it? To understand how short a semester actually is in relation to the rest of your life is interesting. To understand some comparisons to short things that you do repeatedly that add up over your lifetime:

If we live to be 70 years old, we get roughly 613,200 hours to live. That’s 365 days, times 70 years, times 24 hours. This is the time we have to enjoy, to love, to weep, to learn and to cry. The quest for ‘the good life’ for the meaning, for fulfillment, and purpose must fit into this average number of hours. But we spend a lot of our time doing other things, things we have little choice in, and so don’t pay much attention to. But if we start to look at these things we spend so much of our time on we might think again about our priorities and even more about sex. It’s a long story. Here is a list of the top 3 things we spend our lifetime doing.

No matter how much we might wish otherwise, we spend surprisingly little of our 613,200 hours having sex. We do however, (men especially), spend a lot of that time thinking, planning, and hoping for it. (It’s called puberty). It has also been suggested that most of human civilization has been created in order to attract our significant others, and often times many insignificant others. It’s hard to disagree with. After all when we crave fame, fortune and success it mostly comes down to a bunch of junk about self satisfaction, fulfillment and purpose. Which is just shorthand for sex, right? The internet, despite however many other things it has done, has spread and enhanced our ability to spend time on sex, while never actually increasing the time we spend on doing it. (Delicately put, or what?)

Think about it, how much time do you spend going from one place to another every day? It’s a lot isn’t it? But let’s take it further; let’s say that traveling is almost all we do. Whether it’s driving to work, flying to Hawaii, walking to your bedroom, or running to the fridge it’s clear that most of our lives are taken up traveling. You could even say that most action is traveling, after all fingers have to travel to the keys in order to type, legs have to lift for us to kick, and eyes have to move from one place to another for us to read. Even our chest travels up and down as we breathe! This is a deeply held fact of life but as people of the future, (even if we don’t fly around in hover crafts we are the future), we do see distance as something negotiable. As a result we never actually stop to say it anymore. We travel so much it’s a wonder we go anywhere come holiday time, we should just stay still for a week to catch our breath.

Is it any wonder we sleep so much considering all the traveling we do? We need a break after all our eating, our whishing, all our talking, watching and you know what-ing. Our days are made up of 24 hours. That’s 3 sets of 8, and we are recommended to take one of these 8 hours and use it to sleep. Whether you get your full eight hours or not the amount of sleep we get when we are babies and the amount of naps we take as we get older more than make up for it. We spend at least a third of our lives asleep, unconscious and oblivious to the world. Maybe that’s why we invented whishing and language, so we could do some of our dreaming while conscious to try and get it out the way. Who knows? The fact is the single greatest activity we spend our lives doing, is not living our lives, but sleeping. Our lives are subdivided into so many different categories, that we spend most of our time doing things we never really plan on, but do out of necessity. It’s not like we have a choice in the matter of either, because you don’t get a great deal of enjoyment out of life if you try and stop sleeping.

Ken plans not to sleep for the rest of his life and have lots of free time instead…



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  1. grace says:

    Yessss someone who understands my reasoning 😉

  2. achmaa says:

    I read your post on the weekly HRCulean – great work! I had some good laughs. It never occurred to me that we sleep through almost one third of our life. And we’re always wanting to sleep more, at least I am. But then again, almost none of us sleep full eight hours a day. Let me know if you find out about other methods to gain energy without sleeping.

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