Community Happenings Present and Future

What is a community event? Lets backtrack to something more interesting…. like icecream. Icecream is a wonderful thing (sorry if your lactose intolerant). You think it, you eat it, and some of us dream of it.

Don’t judge.

Icecream brings people together. But why? Icecream is something that many people can enjoy without any kind of pretext. You simply can enjoy the icecream without feeling pressure for others, unless it is an eating contest. Icecream is easy. You can get it quickly and is easy to store (if you have a freezer). So life is fun with icecream.

Which brings us back to community. Why is community slower on the uptake than icecream? Well you won’t believe this but a community is much more complex than a bowl of soft-serve. Community requires interaction and emotional understanding. It requires an active committment to bringing others together. Ice cream is brought to the party, but you cannot have a party without some kind of community.

Icecream without a party alone is not nearly as fun.

Therefore I propose we have an Icecream social sometime in order to bridge the gap and lack of Icecream in my life. Also it is much easier to have icecream than build a community.

Oh its a secret, but you might have fun too.


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