It’s A Hard Enough Life….

….for us.

Planning, leading, whatever you want to call it. It’s difficult. Not because it streches your brainpower, but because it takes experience.

Something I do not have enough of apparently.

I have spent years of my life devoted to planning, understanding and developing of younger leaders through scouting, but nothing prepared me for leading the Community and Solidarity Committee.

Let me explain: I can manage small groups of individuals and achieve a necessary result. What I was not prepared for was the vast scale change, and no crystal clear chain of command.

So many new things are happening that it is hard to keep up. New is shiny, new is scary, new is unrefined. I know that not everything will be planned perfectly the first time, as the road to perfection comes with feedback from practice.

We have not had enough practice yet. The community and the council as a whole is still working out the kninks and continues to mature.

To everyone, please let the community run its course; however this does not mean that community becomes a spectator sport. You must participate to earn the rewards of friendship and understanding.

The community will live or die based on the quality and interest of its members. We are all members. I may have a shiny, scary, and unrefined title, but it does not make me unaproachable.

We must all work together to create something better and bigger than ourselves, as I work out of a devotion to cheerful service to others.

Find out what defines you, grasp it, and never let go. Alow it to take you to places beyond you believed you could obtain.

Remember that at the end of the day, Honors put a large amount of faith in us to get the job done. Not that it had to be perfect, but that we better work hard towards that goal. So step it up HRC.


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