Struggling to Form Identity

We, as a council and as a community, have come to an impasse.

We are trying to figure out where we are, who we are. Our vision remains uncertain, in which our end-game is missing. Why do were currently fail to understand our fundamental tasks?

It is due to a case of multiple identities. We have come from so many different places that we no longer understand our similarities. Even as a returning senior, I feel that everyone is having a “freshman crisis”. Everything is new and with so many different new things, the individual can become overwhelmed to the feeling and desires of the group.

The overwhelmed nature that many feel, I believe, is self imposed. As capable and well-rounded individuals we need t o adapt, improvise and overcome our surroundings. We were picked to be a part of the community because we could function in a demanding environment.

This is not to say that the individual is all alone in this environment. The community is designed to from a cultural connection with others. We have all become “Cultural Designers” we have the ability and the responsibility to guide the development of others, and allow others to guide us.

The day that we stop learning is the day we die as a person, and therefore as a community.

Community is a group of people living together in one place, especially one practicing common ownership. We much each take a stake in the experiment that is the HRC. Our country, the US, was an experiment. It was not sure to work, and for a spell in the 1860s it looked like the Union was destined to fail.

We must have faith within ourselves and others.

Congratulations, we haven’t a consensus. Now we have arrived.


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