It’s All the Rage in Taiwan!

So tonight I went up to the 6th floor crossover for Ross’ cupcake decorating event. Sure I decorated a few cupcakes. One was my modernist-utilitarian cupcake [a cupcake with nothing on it], and another was a “cu-smore” which was a cupcake cut in half and then marshmellow, crackers, and chocolate were smushed into  the middle.

Then a few of us went into the game room and played “cutthroat” which is a game of pool where you divide the number of balls by the number of people playing and the object is to sink you opponents’ balls before your are sunk.

Then was the Epic of HRCball. This is really a modified form of ping-pong with six players and three balls. The objective is to keep the balls bouncing, regardless of where the balls end up. The controlled chaos that ensues will keep you entertained for a good long time.

The point of all this is not really the games, but the community situation that allows for so many people to have a great time. No wondering if it is alright to do a funny game, no wondering if people will show up to a program, no wondering if you will have a good time. You always will be accepted, always appreciated.

That is a community, but for now it is my home.

[HRCNBD] (made in Taiwan)

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