College Council Meetings

Today was our second meeting for the College Council. For everyone who does not know about the “Ze Kouncill”, there are five committee chairs [myself included] and two co-vice presidents, and two co-presidents.

The meeting is also augmented by two gradute student fellows, who aid in the development of students. Then faculty help guide the discussions.

The meeting helps to clarify tasks that occur during the week and lets people know what was happening in each committee. Then we talk about the objectives in the forthcoming week and goals and updating tasks.

And now you know.


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2 Responses to College Council Meetings

  1. grace says:

    I was expecting a “‘Cause it’s Mike’s Super Short Show” at the end of that post. Disappointing.

    • kenblack says:

      I might be dating myself, but what is “Mike’s Super Short Show”? I was quoting Bill Nye The Science Guy, who has a small section where they tell a fact and then at the end he says “And now you know”.

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