HRCCS: Social Rhythm

Hello All,

Since last time there have been quite a few additions to the group. I have been fortunate to have had a large group of interested individuals ask to join the Community and Solidarity Committee.

This committee is going to have alot of responsibilities this year. For example, this community is tasked with creating a social rhythm for the community. This includes social events, community spaces, and surrounding grounds.

These facilities and events within the HRC aim to create and foster a relationship amongst community members and develop traditions. It is extremely important that the beginning years of the HRC set a precedent for how the community operates and how interactions are held between community members. It is my goal create, maintain, and leave a strong community for others, as I have benefited from greatly from the Honors program. We adapt to new places, becoming leaders, so that we can leave a legacy. Not a legacy of reverence, but a legacy of conduct and inspiration.

Some leaders seek leadership. Others simply find it by accident. One thing is common between the two: leaders always have help getting there.


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