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    Hello. My name is Ge Zhou. I am a first year architecture student at Virginia Tech. Ever since I was little, I have been interested in art related projects.  I didn’t get to do as much drawing/painting when I was young but after I came to the United States for high school, I have experimented with a lot different art form. At the same time, I was fascinated by the different styles of buildings.  That’s when I decided to choose architecture as my major to pursue in college. As a first year student, I have learned a lot about design principles through all the projects  over the course.

    This gallery contains descriptions and photo documents of the projects over the year.

    First year foundation design mainly focus on learn how to design. The thought process through a project and approaches to a problem as a designer are what I personally learned the most.

    Fall semester we learned a lot about design elements. There are, for example, simplicity and complicity, light and shadow, line, plane, volume and more.  By introduced to these important elements, I started to more conscious and thoughtful when I make a design decision.

    Spring semester, we mostly focused on iterations and editing. The repetitive process helps me learn about structure or material better. The abilities to iterate from ideas and being able to edit are very important for a designer. I have learned to spread out my vision and try to make different models.

    As a future designer, I have definitely grown in my abilities to interpret a prompt, come up with designs and make important design decisions. Overall, It makes me become more passionate about being a designer.