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  • Moving Forward.

    Posted on May 8th, 2013 Ge No comments

    Today during our group discussion, there is one question got asked a lot. “What elements can ou bring forward into future projects?” I find this question very interesting because I have never looked my projects in a continues way. Although I do believe that every designer subconsciously use experiences from previous projects and move on to the next one.

    I think the most we learn about each project is materialities. I know I have been documenting my experiences with different materials. Material, form and structure are always related terms. There are forms that only certain materials can perform. It is a very important knowledge for us to have moving forward.

    Another thing that i have learned this year that will help me in he future is how to understand and interpret a prompt. None of the prompt is randomly picked. There is always connection between the requirements.  For example our recent “linear, planer and solid, Capture nature light” Capture light is more the functionalities aspect to the design. Linear, planer and solid is the form aspect. At the beginning I thought” dots make line, lines make plan and plans make solid.” I thought it would be easy to corporate these three elements together. However it turns out to be hard to be able to suggest all three without making one of them very literal or too much a stretch.

    There are many other thing I have learned this year that will help me in the future.