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  • Material–Clay

    Posted on May 1st, 2013 Ge No comments

    Couple weeks ago, we had a tile project. We created a pattern on computer which later turn into clay tiles.  I had some experiences working with clay in high school. I have learned that clay is very tricky material to work with. The advantage is that it is very forgivable in comparison to wood, metal and plastic. As long as the clay is not fired, we can always make changes to it and even reclaim it to start over. However, clay has a memory. All the manipulations we did to clay will be shown in the piece. All the shrinking when they dry can change the form too. I am experimenting with clay for my lineal, planar, solid project. I am cutting strips of clay and placing them on top of each other to create a plan and suggest a solid volume. DSC_0646.JPG

    As this picture shows, the clay are sitting on top of each other. Originally, I didn’t plan on fire the structure but in order to have a glossy finish looking, i decide to fire it, which means the connections between the strips become very important.

    Clay is very easy to look messy/unfinished since it’s so easy to make any changes to the form. Any additional force add onto clay will leave a mark. In the further exploration, I am going to be extra careful and try to have a clean finish.