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  • GLUE

    Posted on April 21st, 2013 Ge No comments


    glue cube

    Glue had always been a go-to tool for me before college. it’s so convenient and useful to hold pieces together. Glue has always been a tool for me instead of a material. However, after first project at Tech, I learned that glue is a material. I do understand that glue is a too easy solution and as a designer, it is important to push the possibilities. For one of my project last semester, I used glue to hold a 6-inch applied cube. I had a hard time applying the glue to start with and the cube looked bad. I made another by using only metal strips and a applier. The strips just hook onto each other. It is way sturdier than the one before. Half way through the semester, my first glue cube started to fall apart. Whenever people walk by, a piece just fell off the cube. That’s when it hit me that as useful as glue seems, it is not the best solution over a period of time. Now I always ask myself, how can I construct this without using glue. The picture above is my glued six inch cube right now.