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  • Material Video–Foam

    Posted on April 18th, 2013 Ge No comments

    Here is the video about foam.

    (I had some audio problems last time I upload, let me know if there any additional issue. Thanks)


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    • Ge,
      First thing I noticed was how your voice sounded a little weird. I don’t know how to describe it, but its almost as if you weren’t talking directly into the microphone or something. There a part of a round object in the bottom right corner the entire video as well. Also some of the pictures and words were cut off on some slides. There was a loud thud at 1:50 that was somewhat distracting. My largest concern would be that it did not seem like the timing of the audio was in sync with that of the visual portion, and it seemed to get worse as the video went on. The pictures you included were very nice and they’re were plenty of them. I liked how you gave a summary/conclusion at the end to wrap the video up. Good job.

    • I think your slides are organized very cleanly and orderly. There were some awkward slide transitions when you were talking about material on the next slide but were still on the slide before. The very end sounded a little cut off as well. However, I think you covered the topic well and provided a well-rounded view of foam.

    • Ge,

      I enjoyed your slide show, your intro was enthusiastic. The slides were all well organized and clearly demonstrated your point. The audio, as you are aware, was a little rough but I could still understand what you were saying. Over all a very good presentation.

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