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  • Fishing line

    Posted on April 4th, 2013 Ge No comments

    For my linear, planar and sold structure, I am considering fishing lines as one of my material choice. So i started researching about fishing line in design. The most “famous” use is the fishline chair by Nendo in Japan.



    The reason they started this project is to explore a new way to polish and finish wood product. The fish lines are dyed before use so that they can also give chairs different colors without losing the nature wood grain. “just a hint of color  – I try to keep color selection real simple.” said Oki Sato. Tithing the fishlines around the chair gives it a varnish-like shine.



    The picture above is when the chars were displayed in Belgium. Because of the qualities fishlines have themselves, they have an interesting play with light too.

    I couldn’t really find other design using fishing lines. Most times, designers choose fish line because its transparent. However, there is more to it. In the example in the picture, fish line played a big role. If there isn’t the special surface and light-playing quality that fishing line provided. The chairs wouldn’t be as special.

    Anyway, I am not so sure if fish line is the right material for me but it definitely worth exploring.

    dip fishline05