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  • How to use/follow the prompt.

    Posted on April 1st, 2013 Ge No comments

    Ever since the first year competition, I have been realizing that any good design has combination of many design principles. For example, the prompt for the competition was using three materials, to make a structure that address interior and exterior, structure and non-structure and material connections. Most of people try to figure of a way to use all three materials and fit all the requirements in. However looking at the final 17 designs, it occur to me that a successful design doesn’t have to try to fulfill the requirements. Those three relate to each other. Since there are three different materials, material connection is definitely part of the project. As a structure, there is always structural and non-structural parts and they are shown by having both interior and exterior parts. That was just a break down explanation of why they relate to each other but more often, the design itself should be able to present these ideas without viewers try to find each parts. It should be a fluid combination instead of three ideas stuffed into one object.

    For this new project, our prompt was building a linear, planar and solid structure that capture natural light. I will try my best to build structure that “naturally” combine these three requirements.