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  • Capture natural light in Photograph

    Posted on March 31st, 2013 Ge No comments

    As I was doing research on capture natural lights, one website popped out and it is about how to use/capture natural light in photograph. It is a very helpful site. Even though a lot of information is very basic and common knowledge in a way, it still helps me to read them all in a “collection”.

    Even though all the lights shinning on one object comes from the same light sources, there are three different components: direct lights, diffuse light and bounced light.



    direct light: HIgh contrast    diffuse skylight: low contrast   bounced light: reflected areas

    Different time of the time, the amount of each components change accordingly. 

    Time of Day Contrast Colors Direction of Sun
    1. Midday Highest Neutral White Near Vertical
    2. Evening & Morning High Slightly Warm Mid to Low
    3. Golden Hour & Sunrise/Sunset Medium Warm to Fiery Near Horizontal
    4. Twilight, Dawn & Dusk Low Cool Pastel Below Horizon

    Different time of the day capture different quality objects presents. However, sunset and sunrise are called the golden hours. During sunrise and sunset, the lighting gives the object a nice warm glow and long shadow. As appealing as taking pictures during sunrise and sunset sounds, there is also a challenge come with it. “Sunsets and sunrises are often spectacularly vibrant in person, but this isn’t always translated well into an image. Make sure that your camera’s auto white balance doesn’t counteract an otherwise warm-looking scene, or that the color saturation isn’t overly conservative to minimize the risk of color clipping. Ironically, when the lighting is most dramatic is also when your camera is most likely to make an error with its exposure; try to take several photos, or use partial or spot metering just in case.”

    There is a lot more useful information on this website ! it helps me to understand nature light better and to visit the site click here !!


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