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  • Time Management

    Posted on December 13th, 2012 Ge No comments

    It’s been a week that I went to sleep at 5a.m. I think I need to get better at time managing. Everything seems to take longer than I thought it would. I stayed up a whole night for sewing two pieces of fabric together. That shouldn’t have happened if I planned on it before hand or if I am better at sewing.

    For next semester, I will start using a planner to keep track of all the projects that are going on the same time. At the same time, hopefully I will be more crafty so that it won’t take as long to just make a cut. Also, I will have to be more focused when I work. Clean my desk and put away my phone so that there will be no distractions.

    Time management is a lesson everybody has to learn sooner or later. I guess I will start here.


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