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  • Sewing–Textile lab + Joanna’s

    Posted on December 12th, 2012 Ge No comments

    Today I went to Joanna’s to get supply to sew in the lab. There are a huge collection of sewing stuff. Luckily, I got help from the worker there and got all the necessaries. Since there is only one key to get in, I waited for the key holder to come to studio. Finally around 11p.m. I went to the lab and started sewing. First, I went to find the manual, all the pictures are blurry and confusing, so I did my best to understand them and wind the machine. Then I got a spare piece of fabric and start practicing. The seam seems fine but not as good as I expected so I thought it was because my skill. I practice little more like how to turn fabric around the corner etc. When I actually start sewing, the thread keep escaping from the needle so I have to thread it every 3 seconds. All the sudden, the needle break in half because it hit the cloth guide. Then I switch to a new machine(threading read manuals etc ) It break again. I ran out of needle so I had to leave. Sewing mechine are really hard to work with but I believe that the more experience you have the better it will be. But overall , it was still a fun experience because I did learn a lot. In the end, end up sewing by hand.

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